Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I park?

There are a number of two and four hour parking spots close by. All day parking is available behind what used to be “Paint Spot” (driveway opposite Windsor Station) . More information on local parking can be found here.

Is the venue close to public transport?

Yes! Access by train (Sandringham line) to Windsor Station (we are only a short walk from Windsor Station). Access by trams 78 / 79 (stop # 44 Duke St). For more information on getting here and to download a map - click here.

How late in the evening can my event run?

Whilst we are not available 24 hours, we can accommodate most timing of events.

Yes, you are welcome to self cater and use our crockery, cutlery, glassware and serving utensils. Please contact us to enquire about our self-catering fees.

Can I bring my own food and drinks?

Yes! Our room is filled with natural light as well as a number of different backdrops (exposed red brick, grey rendered wall, white wall, arched windows) - we think it’s perfect!

Is the venue suitable for photo shoots?

Yes, we have a number of creative workshops on offer, or we are happy for you to organise your own creative activity and external facilitator. Give us a shout at to discuss ideas and options.

Do you offer creative workshops or team building exercises for my team?

Yes, a friendly TWW member will be close by at all times should you require assistance.

Will someone be able to help me during the day if I need technical support or have questions?

Yes, we are expertly hidden! You will find our glass door to the left of The Salvos on Chapel Street; enter this door and then buzz “The Windsor Workshop” at the next glass door towards the end of the hallway. We will let you upstairs from there. Once up the stairs, do a u-turn and voilà, there we are!

I can’t see where to enter on Chapel Street?

We understand that sometimes you get carried away, and it’s possible you will run over your booking time. If so, we charge $175 /hr plus GST, to be invoiced post event.

What if I go over time?

What if I need to cancel my event / change the date of my event?

Again, we understand that sometimes the unforeseeable happens. Please refer to our T’s and C’s here

Unfortunately we can not give out individual access codes for our space. There is an easy to use intercom within the room, and you can use this to buzz your attendees in and out through out the day. A representative from TWW will always be on site, in the case that you all leave and need someone to buzz you back up. It is important that we keep the glass door at the bottom of the stairs locked, and closed, at all times.

Can we get an access code for the door?

Absolutely not! Once your event has wrapped up, simply collect your belongings and move on out. We want to make this is as easy as possible for you.

Once our event has concluded, do we need to clean up?

Yes, we can give you the code on the day. We just ask that you disable any automatic downloading / uploading of Google Drive / Dropbox / icloud etc as it will slow it down to almost nothing. (Thank’s to Windsor’s finest wifi)

Is there wifi available?

Should you have any further questions, please feel free to email us at